Coverage by accident for the student and collaborators

  • Medical and hospital and dental expenses

  • Permanent, total or partial disability indemnity

  • Accidental death

  • Death

Raydan Corretora de Seguros, in partnership with the main insurers of the market, is always attentive to the daily necessities of schools to bring innovative and efficient solutions to educational institutions.

Solutions in the right measure that guarantee tranquility for the institution, parents and students.

Insures Parents/Financial Responsible against:

  • Death

  • Total permanent disability due to accident

  • Loss of income due to involuntary unemployment (CLT), total and temporary physical incapacity (Independent Professional) or bankruptcy (Entrepreneur).

  • Additional Insured Capital to help with tuition, school supplies/uniform, repetition, graduation, pre-college entrance fees

  • Permanent and total functional disability due to illness.

School Insurance
24 hour protection

Education Insurance

Group Life Insurance and Personal Accidents

The contracting of Life and/or Personal Accident insurance has a strong appeal to the corporate environment, as well as demonstrating the commitment to the quality of life of employees and their families, is useful in the conquest and retention of professionals who recognize insurance as a benefit.

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